My Favorite Things

I enjoy helping people create lives that they love. So, I’ve provided a list of resources that I personally use to improve my life. Next to each resource I’ve indicated which area of life it enhances. Select the name of the resource and it will take you to its website.

Ziglar Wheel of Life©

Audible (Mental/Personal)

There’s never enough time to read all of the books that I’m interested in! Years ago I discovered Audible, which allows me to listen to books on the go.

Headspace (Mental)

This app has many benefits and makes learning meditation easy. I use it daily to focus my mind, reduce anxiety, and to help me sleep. If you’re new to meditation or want to learn more about Headspace check out this video!

Pepperplate (Personal)

This is where I store my recipes. I can pull them up on my phone in the grocery store to find out what I need. It keeps my recipes organized and I can easily copy recipes from other sites.

Cozi (Family/Personal)

Cozi calendar is how I manage my busy family. The basic membership is FREE.

Evernote (Career/Personal)

I use Evernote to store and organize articles, blogs and research. The basic membership is FREE.

Mint (Financial)

This is where I create and manage my personal budget. The basic membership is FREE.

Bankrate (Financial)

This site helps me find the best rates on financial products (i.e., mortgages, saving accounts).

GoodRx (Financial)

I save money on prescriptions by searching for best prices and discounts on GoodRx.

Canva (Career)

I use this site to create social media posts. It’s fun and easy! The basic membership is FREE.

Fiverr (Career)

Fiverr is an affordable freelancer site. This is my go-to when I need help with a project.

Kindlepreneur (Career)

I use this site for book marketing. Great products, blog posts and customer service.