About Pascha

Pascha has been around business and innovative leaders her entire life.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in small town Alabama laid the foundation for her to follow her dreams and eventually build her own brand. Pascha’s background helped her discover her passion for business and lifting up the people behind them. Being around a family business exposed her to invaluable experiences, both good and bad, but it was at Scandipharm, a startup pharmaceutical company, that gave her corporate knowledge and the opportunity to develop.

Scandipharm eventually grew into a multi-million dollar company and it was where Pascha learned about HR, culture, and being a Magnetic Leader.

20 years at Scandipharm opened her eyes to the various aspects that go into running a successful and fulfilling company. As her time working at Scandipharm came to an end Pascha felt called to explore new ventures and was fortunate to discover her true passion after becoming a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, inspired by the teachings of Zig Ziglar. Combining Ziglar principles with her own corporate experience and research, Pascha has dedicated her talents to helping the underdog, the small business owner, and the struggling organizational leader to realize their full potential. Pascha is a wife, mom, and business owner, and loves the craziness of it all! She lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Mike. They have a blended family with six kids: Cori, Stephen, Kristin, Madeline, Jacob, and Sean. Pascha loves animals and has a dog, Bryant, and a cat, Little Kitty.

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