Build and engage your team to reach your company’s vision

Define Your Goals

To create a Magnetic Culture, you must identify what your company stands for and where you want to go. Together we can enhance or create your guiding principles – your Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Design the Best Strategy

To achieve an engaged workforce that enjoys increased productivity, you must integrate your guiding principles throughout the company. I’ll help you put your guiding principles into action.

See Dreams Become Reality

Your hard work will transform into a strong team with an even stronger sense of company culture; one that engages everyone to achieve the company’s vision.

Engage Your Team &
Bring Your Vision to Life

When businesses succeed, people succeed. I love to see business owner’s hard work, dedication, and risks pay off in a big way. Using my Ziglar background and powerful formula: The Magnetic Advantage, I’ll help you create an engaging work environment that will attract top talent and keep them for the long haul. Build a winning team and create a great culture with my help!

“Pascha Kelley is a magnetic leader who has the gift of inspiring and equipping magnetic leaders to develop themselves and their organizations to their full potential.”

Tom Ziglar, Son of Zig Ziglar

CEO, Ziglar, Inc.

About Pascha

Pascha Kelley has spent years working in entrepreneurial ventures and corporations. After 20 years working for a successful pharmaceutical startup turned multi-million dollar company she became a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker and trainer. Using her decades of experience with her passion to help people reach their full potential, she has turned her mission into teaching others how to succeed professionally and personally.

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